RacingFX is a leading money services provider for the Horse Racing and Sports industries.  At RacingFX our aim is to provide inexpensive and easy to use products and services. 

Since being founded in 2014, RacingFX has gradually built a family of services that complement each other and underpin our objective to provide ‘For All Your Money Matters.’  As a result, every day our specialist team look for and create new methods to provide financial assistance for our customers online and on the go.

From the online multi-currency Cash Manager to International Payment services, Invoice Management and Payroll. RacingFX is dedicated to providing quality services that are easy and cost efficient to use so that the people in our industries succeed.


The RacingFX platform is powered by CurrencyWire

CurrencyWire is a leading money services provider for both corporate and private clients providing a simple solution to cross border payments and spending.