Cash Manager

With the RacingFX Cash Manager you can receive payments and hold balances in up to nine different currencies.  You can also make payments in over thirty different currencies using the exclusive RFX exchange rates.  A secure and simple to use service, it’s totally mobile and can be accessed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The platform provides a fast way of making local and international payments with free regular payments, making it very useful for making regular small payments to suppliers.
With internal transactions users can make a payment from their own account to another user's account at no cost to either party.  The Cash Manager is not only convenient but provides a totally secure and private network, removing any risk of financial fraud or risk of money being stolen.

Why Use the Cash Manager?


·         Hold Balances in Six Currencies

·         Latest Security & System Protection

·         Equine Specific Service

·         Transfer Funds Quickly & Securely

·         Free Overseas Payments

·         Online Account 24/7

·         RFX Payment Cards

·         Equine Network Services

·         RFX Exclusive Exchange Rates

·         Forward Trade -  Book Today’s Rate But Pay Later

·         No Fees

·         FCA Regulated

·         Free to Open an Account