Equine Network

When it comes to your finances RacingFX is paving the way for the Racing and Equine industries.    With a number of financial services on offer RacingFX attracts people from all over the industry including Trainers, Owners, Jockeys, Bloodstock Agents, Transport Companies and the list goes on. 

However, with a falling trust in high street banks the jewel in the RacingFX crown is the Online Cash Manager and The Equine Network within.


What’s The Problem? 

 ·         Traditional banking structures in the UK and abroad are not up to speed with the modern day security requirements in a rapidly changing financial industry.

·         Customers now require safer and more sophisticated security structures in order to deal with the threats faced to their bank accounts.

·         Traditional banks and financial institutions continue to over-charge their customers with disgraceful fees and hidden costs.

·         It has emerged that more than £200,000 had been taken from British jockeys’ bank accounts.  The Professional Jockeys Association and British Horse Racing Authority have urged people within the racing industry to seek alternative methods of managing their money.

·        A British Trainer based in Hong Kong unknowingly sent €1 million to fraudsters posing as an Irish Bloodstock Agent at the end of 2016.

·         Financial fraud is becoming ever more sophisticated with bank details being modified in emails, emails being intercepted and now even invoices being modified and sent on via email.

·         RacingFX is an innovative fin-tech company, which provides financial services tailored specifically to the horse racing industry.


The Equine Network

·         The latest Security and system protection built in.

·         The Equine Network; Connect to a network of RacingFX account holders.

·         Need to pay a bill?  Select the service you need from the standard list of industry services.

·         When you pay through the Equine Network you can be sure that your money is going to the right place. 

·         The simple way to pay.

·         Transfer funds quickly and securely.

·         Add your business to the list and make payments easy for your customers.

·         Internal payments provide the most secure way of sending and receiving in the business.

·         No transaction fees.

·         Regulated by the FCA and registered with HMRC.