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National Trainers Federation & RacingFX Partnership

The voice of Britain’s Racehorse Trainers joins forces with RacingFX the industry leading Financial Services Provider

The trusted ally of Britain’s racehorse trainers, the NTF has forged a partnership with the industry leading online financial services provider RacingFX.  The formal announcement has already been made to members in the December newsletter with more information available in the annual NTF renewal pack.

The newly formed partnership will focus on the benefits of the RacingFX online Cash Manager.  Here, users can hold balances in up to six currencies, pay and receive locally and internationally with free overseas payments as standard.  Using the ‘Equine Network,’ users can also make payments to a standard list of industry services at the click of a button.  Or add their own business to the list to receive customer payments quickly and securely.  In addition, NTF members will benefit from the unique ‘Minimum Rate Guarantee’ for all currency conversions and foreign payments.  There are also plans to release an NTF branded payment card in 2017 which will operate with ‘Minimum Rate Guarantee’ benefits.

Rupert Arnold, CEO of the NTF, said: “I am delighted to be part of this partnership.  We are always looking for innovative methods to help our members.  RacingFX provides a simple and cost efficient way to manage international payments making the system very useful for overseas sales purchases, regular payments to suppliers and particularly for anyone that has international owners.  I am very impressed with the online service so far and by working together there will be more to come, including more unique benefits for our members.  For anyone that hasn’t already seen it, I would encourage members to check out the new login/sign up box on the homepage of the NTF website.”

Andy Rowland, CEO of RacingFX, said: “During a time that online financial fraud is becoming more and more prevalent, we pride ourselves on supplying a service that is not only convenient but a very secure network for the equine industry.  It is very exciting to have the support of the NTF as we feel passionately about providing useful and inexpensive services in the equine industry.”